Origin of casino


The origin of Casino is not known to anybody; normally people consider that gambling was there in the society since your civilization had been started. Record show that gambling practice was present in china many year bake in 2300 B.C, which is consider as an initialization of gambling. In our history, there are so many interesting stories based on gambling event in Greek. Gambling practice was also not unknown to Elizabeth of England, nether to Napoleons and Romans. Infect in India, there is a famous incident in Mahabharata when Pandawas lost everything to kauravas in gambling. This epic was written in likely 8th or 9th century B.C.

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Facts about casino in America

Casino di Venezia is the first well known casino in the world. It was located in Italy many year back in 1638.Interestingly, the casino is still running, which is a kind of amazing thing. But in 20th century US came forward as a pioneer when it gave legal permission to casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hence this incident initiated the legalized casino throughout America then it became famous in all over the world. In 1978, Gambling in casino gain popularity when Atlantic City was also legalized to gambling. Today, Atlantic City is the second most gambling spot in all over America. Mississippi, Coast area, Tunia Resort and Biloxi in gulf are some famous casino spot in America.

History of casino in other country

About England, it is not the country which has left bar when it comes to gambling. This was the country that had developed the Hazard, which was the precursor of dice game and it is also the contemporary o poker game. Basically poker game was introduced by Persian and Italians. If we talk about France the origin would be dedicated to Emperor Napoleon. He was more interested in Vingt-et-un, which resembles today’s blackjack or twenty-one. The Roulette game has Egyptian history.


Hence it is not easy to say what the origin of Casino is. The word casino has come from casa means villa built for pleasure, which has Italian origin. This kind of villa was used to host a kind of function that includes dance, music along with gambling. But every time casino is not just used for gambling, for example the Hanko Casino which is situated in Finland was never ever used for gambling but being used as a restaurant. The Copenhagen casino is also a kind of casino which is being used as hall or theater. Since internet technology has become hefty day by day, online casino is also becoming popular.