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Poker Tip:: Hand value is basic every day hand evaluation. At showdown, you need to determine which hand wins the pot. A hand’s value is usually expressed as “Two pair, Aces and Eights, Jack kicker”, or “Fives Full of Threes”. In poker software, these expressions are often encoded into a single comparable value. Use the Titan Poker bonus code to learn more about hand values.

Recent poker results

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cute pokerI haven’t been posting that much in my blog, mainly from sheer laziness. I did type up an entry a little over a week ago that was quite long and detailed about online casino reviews, but I accidently lost it by hitting backspace which caused me to return to the previous page instead of deleting the letter I wanted. This was very frustrating as I had spent probably 30 minutes typing the entry (though that number is just a guess).

Recently, meaning about the last month, I’ve been on a pretty big skid. I was up to about $1820 or so on PokerStars, but after many losing sessions at $1/$2, I dropped down to as low as $1630, roughly a $200 losing streak. Recently, I’ve been playing quite well, but I’m still mixing in some bad sessions every now and then. I can’t seem to have a decent losing session (which sounds weird because any losing session can’t be anywhere nice). But what I mean is that all of my losing sessions are pretty big ones, like -$30 ones. My winning sessions are usually only +$15-$20, so that’s not a good ratio.

In the last 7 days, I am up $67 with 5 winning sessions and 2 losing sessions. The only thing is that this decent streak comes on the heels of 4 straight lossing sessions, all fairly significant ones. To say the least, I’ve been quite streaky lately.

Today, I had one session where I lost $30. I think I’ll make that the end of the day, at least on PokerStars. I really didn’t play well. I got involved in too many ‘big’ hands. I consider big hands to be ones where I spend about $5 or more. I made some bad plays where I should have been able to lay down top pair, which happened three times. Once, I had KTo in SB. It was folded to me so I raised, trying to take the BB right there. He reraised me, which though should show strength, doesn’t always since he could obviously tell I was trying to steal. Flop came king high. I figured I had the best hand, so I check called to showdown. BB flipped over AA to beat me. I should have been able to fold this, but I didn’t.

Just something was telling me that I had the best hand. Obviously I was wrong. Another hand was when I was late, raised preflop with AQ and got reraised from BB. I called and the flop came AKx. I called each bet from the BB to showdown where he flipped over AK. Again, I should have been able to muck this hand earlier. I need to work on making bigger laydowns. The last I can remember was with QQ which I posted about on the forums. I had QQ, someone else had KK and the board was all low. I think that I played to very poorly, but at the time, I just could not hit the fold button. Again, I need to work on that.

So not a whole lot went well today. I was luckily able to get back to only being down $30, as I was down about $40 and just about to leave the table when I won a hand with AKs.

On days like this one, where I have a fair amount of time to play some poker, but don’t want to play at PokerStars, I’ve been migrating to PokerTime more and more where I have a free $10. At the start of today, my PokerTime bankroll was about $32. After my PokerStars session and a little break, I hopped on PokerTime to play some $0.50/$1 limit. I play a little looser here since I basically have nothing to lose. I got down early, then got up, but then again, got down and ended up busting out of my $10 buy-in (which is very small for the table anyways). The site provides basically free entertainment with real money play. I might get on there later tonight. Also, this weekend I might try out Full Tilt and PokerRoom (where I’ve almost busted out of). I’ll see how much time I get.

As for tournaments, I have played only one on PokerStars in one month, and that was one of the $0.10 turbos that are basically a joke. I actually did make the money and they put it on a Hold’em NL tourney. It shows a $0 buy-in and $0 for 62nd place. I’m not sure if I will play any tournaments this weekend. It all depends on how I’m feeling at any given time. If I do, they will be MTTs with a maximum buy-in of $5 because I don’t feel like spending much on a tournament that I probably won’t do well in. Aside from the 10 cent game, the only tournament action I’ve seen was the few league matches on Full Tilt that have ended. And just to mention the past league, I again played terribly.

I only made the money once. Luckily it was a win to pay off the season. I bubbled in the standings, making 12th I believe with top 10 paying. Oh well, I didn’t deserve to make the top ten with how I played. Also, my team finished in 4th or 5th, again, not making the podium. No worries though, I made a small amount of money overall ($71 I think) with a $30 bounty I got in the last (or second to last) game. I did blow about $40 away at one point on Full Tilt, when I was partly on tilt from PokerStars. I played $1/$2 limit Omaha H/L at a table with Allen Cunningham (which is the only reason I played there). I lost $20, then lost about $20 more at a $1/$2 limit holdem table. Oh well, I’ll try to be a bit smarter with my Full Tilt money because I do have a legit chance at making that bankroll nice and healthy, even though it would require a lot of work which I don’t feel like doing.

Well, I somehow wrote a whole lot more than I expected to. I guess I just get going with this journal. Oh, and one more thing that I’m happy about. When PokerStars began the whole VIP thing, they moved the 8,000 FPP chip set to SilverStar only. Since I probably don’t play enough to make this, at least on a regular basis, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to buy the chips. I’m not sure when, but about a week ago I noticed that PS moved the chip set back to the regular FPP store, still for 8,000 FPPs. Now that I have 8,000, I can now get the chips. I’m not sure when I’ll do it, but I will probably be getting them soon.

Gone fishing

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Sexy young girl in casinoI used to play a lot of live casino but not so much nowadays after a huge bad beat that disgusted me from the game (which I explain below). Nowadays I focus most of my online gaming attention to binary options. Like in poker this is mostly about betting, but the advantage of binaries is that there are no bad beats.

A bad beat is a situation when a very unlikely event occurs and usually it means you lose all your chips, in other words it is a very expensive bet gone wrong. With binary option trading there is no such thing. These bets have fixed odds so you know exactly beforehand how much you will make if you are correct or how much you will lose if you are wrong.

So here is the bad beat story.

Having finally turned 21, the time had come for me to burn my fake ID and take a stab at the big $600 buy-in, no-limit game at my local casino. In the past, I’d been hesitant to play in this game primarily because I was underaged (my fake ID, admittedly, wasn’t all that convincing). Anyway, I’d been building up a fairly substantial bankroll over the previous six months and now I was ready to put it into action.

After about seven hours or so of play, things seemingly couldn’t get much better for me. In fact, I felt as if I couldn’t lose; the cards were consistently falling my way. My stack was up to about $5,500, and I was on top of the world. The invincible feeling continued and, eventually, I looked down at pocket kings in late position. Another player, who was sort of a maniacal fish, raised to $150 under the gun. Everyone else folded around to the player on my right, who called.

Hoping to possibly take down the pot right there, I quickly raised it to $600. The fish, whom I’d dubbed “Little Nemo,” sat and pondered for quite a while before finally announcing that he was all-in for $3,500!

The player to my right folded. After thinking it over, I concluded that it was highly unlikely Little Nemo had A-A; judging from his previous play, he surely would’ve smooth called if he’d held pocket rockets. I decided to call, and was about 90-percent sure I had the best hand pre-flop.

We flipped over our cards and, much to my relief, Little Nemo revealed pocket fives. No sooner had he shown his cards than the player to my right, who’d folded, declared, “Wow, I had pocket fives, too!”

What a sweet development for me — I was practically a shoo-in to win at this point! The flop came A-2-K (two of the cards were spades, but the flush draw was irrelevant because neither of my opponent’s fives was a spade). All I could think about was the nearly $10,000 sitting in front of me, and the possibility of gaining entry into the World Series of Poker (my dream).

I was jolted back to reality, though, by the turn card, a four. Suddenly, there was a definite lump in my throat. “No freaking way is he going to pull the inside straight,” I thought to myself. Well, you can probably guess what happened next. The entire table gasped in unison as the dealer turned over a three on the river.

As Little Nemo began raking in the big pot, he tossed me a $10 chip . . . and laughed! I desperately fought the urge to lunge at him, quietly scooped up my remaining chips, and, barely able to breathe, left the casino and headed home.

Third finale table

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Last night I made my third final table in a PokerStars MTT. It was a $3 buy-in. Before this, I had really been in a funk. I had been playing terrible poker and was not getting any sort of luck whatsoever. I had missed the money in 11 straight MTTs.

By the end of that losing streak, I was beginning to doubt myself and my ability to play. Last night, I broke this two day losing streak with a 96th placement in a $5 MTT. I played three more MTTs after that, missed the money in two of them, but did quite well in one.

This one started off like most of the MTTs do. I played pretty tight, but was able to just build my stack up. My first notible hand came about an hour into the tournament. I think I had just lost a fairly big hand, and probably was on semi-tilt. I had JJ in mid position. Someone before me raised 3xBB, I went all-in, he called with QQ. I was obviously dominated and all but out of there, but I flopped a jack to take down the pot and boost me to about 9,000 chips.

After this, the second notable hand, and almost probably the most important hand for me in the whole tournament came. I had AKs in late position. Under the gun raised a standard preflop raise, the player to my right made a large reraise. Right here, I had to decide what to do. If I was going to play, I was probably going to have to risk most of my chips. Well, I decided to call.

The first raiser went all-in for about 4,000 more chips, and the other player called, putting him all-in. Since I had already decided I was going to play, I called the all-ins. I had them all covered, and if I were to lose, I think I would have had 2000-3000 chips left. Well, the first raiser had AKo and the second one had QQ. I didn’t have many outs, and the flop gave me nothing.

All low, but one diamond, which was what my big slick was suited in. Turn was another diamond, and so was the river, giving me the nuts flush on a runner runner. I took down the pot and now held 18,000 chips. I’m pretty sure that at that point, I was the chip leader for the tournament. From here, I dominated my table until I changed tables about one hour later.

I was able to steal everything and really use my big stack well. I bullied everyone around. Each time that I raised preflop to steal and was called, I was able to put my opponent all-in on the flop, and I don’t remember one time where I was caught. A few times I would get reraised all-in preflop, and usually I would fold, but most of the times my steals were successful.

I truly believe that in this hour span, I played the best poker I ever have. I never really got good cards, but was just able to continually win pots, and win big ones when I needed them. I remained the chip leader, or a close second, for a long while. My stack continued to rise, 20,000 to 35,000 to 50,000 to 80,000. It was so much fun to dominate everyone at my table.

Unfortunately, when I switched tables, I began to play a big poorly. I wasn’t able to steal blinds that much. People would call me down and bet the flop when I missed. I wasn’t catching big hands for big pots. My stack gradually shrank, but I never worried. I remained above the average stack for a while.

Though not chip leader, I was in fine shape. This was probably with about 50 players remaining. As the players began to fall, and we got closer and closer to the final table, I was just hoping to make each new payout. I was getting a bit short stacked because I could not catch a single good hand, but I was able to manage.

We got down to 27 players, and my real fighting began. A lot of players had very large stacks and they were the ones dominating the tables. I couldn’t steal that much, but I did so when absolutely necessary. I can’t remember an actual double-up. From here, I just wanted to make top 18. Then when I made there, I wanted top 13. Once we got to 14 players, I realized that I really did have a chance to make a final table. We got to 13 then 11 then 10 players.

5-handed at both tables lasted for so long. I was able to double-up with KK against 77 to put me around 180,000 chips, about the average stack. But from here, I really played poorly. I wanted so desperately to make the final table that I was too afraid to do anything that would knock me out. Now the sensible thing to do if I wast thinking this was would be to basically sit out and not play a single hand.

Well, I didn’t do this. I tried to steal in a few positions, but because I was reluctant to risk that many chips, my steals looked very weak, and the other players came over the top of me each time. Because of these few certain hands, my stack drastically dropped. At the same time, I was at the table with the 4 big stacks while all the smaller stacks were at the other table with themselves.

I was waiting for one of them to get knocked out, but it never happened. They rarely went all-in, and even more rarely were called. Each time there was an all-in call, the person all-in would win. Eventually, I had dropped down to about 60,000 chips with 6000/12000 blinds. I was getting a bit scared because I was thinking I might not make this final table. Finally, someone was knocked out, and it happened to be one of the bigger stacks at my table. One player had AJo, another had AA, the AA won and had the AJ covered.

I had finally made the final table. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more to report. I was the short stack here, and on the second hand, I was dealt AKs. A player in early position raised the minimum, a big stack in mid position reraise the minimum, and I went all-in for not a whole lot more. The first raiser went all-in also, and the big stack called it all.

Everyone had me covered. The first player had AKo, the big stack had KK, and me with AKs. The board was a blank, and KK won, knocking me out in 9th and the other player in 8th. I know I had to do what I did, but it was just bad timing. I keep saying that I have no regrets about it, because I really shouldn’t. I’m just still upset that I only got 9th place. But really, I am very pleased that I made the final table, even if it didn’t turn out as well as I wanted. I only made $48 for the 9th place, but again, I’m pleased with a final table.

Hopefully, this tournament will help me break out of the funk I had been in.

Playing Better Online Poker

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Below are some beginner Texas holdem poker strategy tips for making more money than your parents, if you can.

Phil Hellmuth told us that it is to good be tight-aggressive at the first round of betting. This will add chips to the pot when you have a strong hand and get rid of limpers. It will lead to larger pots when you think you can win.

Another key recommendation by top winners is not to draw to the idiot side of a straight, meaning draw to the lowest straight when your opponent mat well be drawing to the high side of the straight. Next, Doyle Brunson said that unconnected cards of medium and low level are to muck. A strong poker pro believes that offsuit unconnected cards are shit. But do now forget that Doyle won two WSOP bracelets with T2o, so that this advice with caution.

My sister has mentioned that it is better to play aggressively with a two way draw after the flop. Raise with an Ace or two high over-cards after a a rainbow unpaired board, when that board is not dangerous. If somebody raises at such a worthless flop, it is often better to fold your hand now. The best players suggest to learn to catch bluffers. Try to understand if your opponents bluff to attempt to make you fold. Remember that if a person seems to be a pro and then out of the blue starts to have sad or happy emotions, she is probably making an act.

Trying to be not predictable, you should learn to bluff as well, as this will make you winning some extra cash with very bad players. Top pot winners have said to analyze your competitor for the following reasons: if the opponent can be bluffed, or if he bluffs a lot.

Texas Holdem strategy tips are not just holdem alone, but other related aspects also. Texas Holdem is harder than online blackjack. Remember that you will spend plenty of time with it, so it is better to select the software which fits your personality ideally. After purchasing chips, you can start playing texas holdem. You do not have to be skilled for a great and enjoyable game. Note that some banks do not allow US players to use their credit cards for online gambling transfers.

Poker cheaters caught

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Poker is a dangerous game, between bluff, skill and card counting, you have to know the game well if you want to avoid being fleeced. However, there is an alternative to earn more regularly: cheating. Of course, again one must be creative and excel in more ways than one. Imagine that technology can be very useful in this endeavor.

The following news item is worthy of inclusion in the next scenario as follows. In the leading roles there are three daring Italian and a corrupt dealer. Agrémentons this synopsis with a James Bond gadget way, the infrared lens. The link is beginning to slowly make sense.

The four companions were kind of clever, they took advantage of the event at the World Series of Poker Europe. Indeed, this famous tournament was in full swing in Cannes, so they are turned to the nearby casino. Discretion assured … or not!

At the technical level, there was not much to complain about. With the help of the dealer, they simply marked cards in invisible ink. A childish code was implemented, a cross representing a king, a bar an ace, etc. That is where the technology comes into play, because the scamps were equipped with infrared lenses. They could see all the combinations of their opponents in confidence. Ingenious, we must recognize that.

Financially, practice was seriously expensive as the ink bottle magic would have been sold under the counter for 100 000 EUR per unit. But the accomplices betrayed themselves, how? Greed was too much for them. So they first rounded up 21 000 EUR in a few hours. Next, they pocketed by the same technique the amount of EUR 40 000. And yet another time 13 000 EUR. How to say … this is a ploy to attract great attention.

Once a certain level of earnings is reached, the Casino Barrière de Cannes sets up a strengthened monitoring system of the players, no chance for our crooks. The Nice Police Brigade and the research and intervention division were then called to arrest these associates in the act.

If there is one area where technology is extremely used, it is at the casino tables. Mini camera, scanner, cell phone and even personal computers, criminals have indeed a lot of ingenuity.

the Best Mobile Casinos for UK and US Players

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Which are the Best Mobile Casinos for UK and US Players?

If you’ve suddenly woke up in 2011 like me you’ll have noticed that the world has changed a lot!

Rather than spend your time sitting at your computer desk at home and playing popular cash games such as Deal or No Deal and Roulette on the internet, you can now download games straight on to your mobile and play them anywhere in the world.

The biggest advantage of playing games on your mobile phone is that they’re actually far more user-friendly and easy to download then you think. The latest smart phone technology means that you can use one-click installations for casino apps that include a wide range of games within them. Graphics on advanced smart phone casinos including the Android and Microsoft OS mobile operating platform mean that games are actually sophisticated and enjoyable. You can make deposits from your mobile, earn comp points, and claim special mobile casino bonuses and more.

UK Casinos for your Mobile

The UK is far more advanced than the US in terms of mobile gaming technology it has to be said. This is probably because the UIGEA 2006 has hindered funding in the development and research of gambling software, even though the US market probably has a higher proclivity for gambling in general (just look at the size of the US casino market and US whales depositing money at Las Vegas casinos for example).

As such, the UK offers a much bigger selection of casinos with mobile games than anywhere else. All of the biggest UK gambling operators such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betfair and Bet365 have all launched independent mobile casinos and sports betting software. Betfair even became the first sportsbook in the world to launch an official iPhone app for users. This lets players view the latest odds and bet across their entire sports betting market and Fan V Fan betting through the mobile.

The best UK mobile casinos that I recommend are probably going to be Jackpot City Mobile, Platinum Play Mobile, All Slots Mobile and 32Red Mobile. Jackpot City and All Slots Mobile have both won awards at the EGR for the best mobile casino software provider. In addition to 30+ mobile games for basic WAP friendly phones, they also both offer games for iPhone, iPad and Google Android users. At Jackpot City new players can even claim at massive 150% up to £150 bonus if they sign up now.

US Casinos for Mobile Users

The US has less options than non-US players. Bodog Casino is obviously a huge brand in the US and they do offer mobile games, however these are not available to iPhone users.

Unlike European players, there are no specific US iPhone gambling apps available to download. You can however play a selection of video slots games at on your iPhone.

Best Online Slots

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The slot machine games which can be played online are known as online slots. They provide an exciting means of pepping up yourself when you feel bored with your daily schedule.

People love trying online slots as it offers a lot of convenience compared to land-based casinos. You can remain anonymous when you are playing slots online; no one knows your personal details. Also there’s no chance of getting cheated in any manner while playing online compared to a land-based casino.

An online slot machine will help you relax more as you are in the most comfortable surroundings you can ever get – your home. Enjoy your online games with a glass of beer or soda. You also have ample freedom to dump off an online casino and head for the next casino in case it doesn’t appeal to you.

You might miss the atmosphere which is normally present at a land-based casino. But the surroundings at the land-based casino are actually a disadvantage as they manage to distract you from totally focusing on your game. You don’t need to waste your time buying any chips when you are online compared to a land-based casino.

Whenever you want to play online slots, check the rules and regulations and the policy and player’s privacy rules followed by the online casino you are visiting. This will help you avoid any sort of trouble later while playing online slots. Also you can play free online slot games – so do check slots casino reviews for a number of websites which offer such games.

Although all types of online slots depend totally on luck, you can try a number of things to improve your chances of bagging a big jackpot. Never ever commit the mistake of playing online slots in an emotional manner. This will not help your cause – remember you have gone online to have some fun – so just chill out and have a blast. Always decide on the amount of money which you plan to spend on online slots. Avoid exceeding that amount. Remember if you don’t win anything there’s always another day to try out your luck again.

Don’t believe all that mambo jumbo about slot cycles. Many guys try to tax their brains trying to figure out any cycle which can help their cause. All the cycles taking place on the online slots don’t follow any particular sequence. They are generated in a totally random manner.

In case you are trying out a progressive slot machine online, go for the maximum coin option. This will help you land with a handsome jackpot in case you strike it lucky. Also try your luck at any online slot machine which offers you a better payout. In case you strike it rich by winning a jackpot, don’t keep on trying endlessly to win another jackpot. Remember the results are all generated randomly. Just because you won a jackpot, doesn’t mean you will win another one in the next few minutes. If you are not careful, you will be spending all the jackpot money, so try to save some.

The making of a poker player

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The first time I saw Matt Matros was on the Travel Channel. They were airing Season 2′s WPT World Championship Event at the Bellagio. The recent graduate of Yale University who was, at the time working towards his MFA at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and writing the book we discuss in this post, came in 3rd at this event.

He beat out his poker mentor, Russell Rosenblum and a pretty talented field to win $700,000.00. That’s some big-time poker success, isn’t it? Honestly, I didn’t really think it was enough to qualify Matt to write a poker book. However, Matt’s book isn’t so much of a how-to of the game as it is a how to of how-to improve your game. The title is ‘The Making of a Poker Player: How an Ivy League Geek Learned to Play Championship Poker’.

The title is totally appropriate as it is exactly what the book is about. Matt takes you back to his introduction to poker as a child and those home games he played with friends in high school. He talks about Saturday morning tournaments at Mohegan Sun, which wasn’t too far from Yale to his play at Foxwoods. He also mentions his experiences with the online newsgroup RGP (Rec.Gambling Poker) and the events they hold in various parts of the country as well as his search for a weekly poker game after leaving college and finding himself stuck in the real world.

Matt may be a math geek, but he doesn’t talk like one which I totally appreciate. Matt’s advice is common sense. Play at lower limits, err on the side of caution, have a strategy and play looser in Limit Texas Hold ‘em than in No-Limit Texas Holdem.

At times, he seems like the big brother or the parent who is teaching you not by his example but is showing you what not to do because he did it already. Never once did I feel like I couldn’t play championship poker with Matt. Some books will make you feel like you could never compete, as if poker knowledge was harder to seek out than the Holy Grail.

Matt is an intelligent person who has played a lot of poker. He’s learned how to be patient and to tighten up his game. He’s taken some bad beats and been knocked around. Matt also didn’t set out to be a poker pro. He just sort of fell into it. All in all, Matt’s book is a great read for people who like anecdotal poker. Matt teaches you by examples from his very own life and experiences, not by some whacked out theory that he’s spent years formulating that you couldn’t possibly understand.

Although Matt Matros does discuss game theory too, I find that gives away a lot of good information without showing down all his tricks. The Making of a Poker Player by Matt Matros is a solid, good read by one of the best young guns in the game today, and the most intelligent too!

poker or school

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The story of Joe Cada (WSOP world champion) is much more than most aspiring poker professionals want to aspire to. There are many kids who drop out of school to follow his lead, but beware that this is an extremely perilous road.

I didn’t drop out of college to play online poker. I did poorly as I always do, the only reason I got into college was because I bent over the SATs like I do to TightWad on a nightly basis my freshman year. I have always done very ok in school, I refuse to do homework or study, and basically got through high school on good quiz and test grades.

Getting a college degree in physics, that simply wouldn’t work. Anyhow, after my poor performance freshman year, the University took away my scholarships and financial aid and my parents don’t really rake in the dough. Thus I was in a bit of a bind as to how to pay for my education, that I was basically not taking seriously anyway.

It sounds silly, but I’ve just never been able to apply myself to school. And now that the school wasn’t going to pay for me, and neither were my parents, I’d have to pay myself or get loans to pay for it. It’s hard to spend that much money on something that you don’t have your mind set on trying hard at.

My freshman year was at Tulane in New Orleans and I was much more worried about playing online poker, chasing women, drinking and pretty much doing anything other than attending that 8 AM Engineering Calculus class. I also understand that getting a higher education is not for everyone as well and it also doesn’t take going to college to get it.

If you are not attending classes do yourself a favor if you don’t already do so and pick up some good literature to read in your downtime. If you want some suggestions let me know and I can direct you to a lot of good books that I am sure you will find interesting. But in the meantime keep knocking them dead at the tables.

I just spent $811.95 on 2 home plate tickets to the last game of the Red Sox regular season. In all seriousness I am pumped to see them crush the Yankees right before the playoffs. The girl I am going with is a fan too and has never been to a Red Sox game.

Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy Tips

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Here are great Texas Hold’em strategy tips for online poker beginners and intermediate players. If you follow these concepts you are guaranteed to make more profits playing online poker, and who knows you might be making more money than your parents playing poker one day.

The first thing all poker pros know is to play high pairs or very strong hands fast pre flop. In order words always raise and reraise premium hands before the flop. This will make the pot larger and thin out the field. It will  lead to juicier pots when you have the advantage.

Another fundamental technique advised by the smartest online poker players is never to draw to the idiot side of a straight draw. The reason is that typically you will either win a bit or lose a lot, because if the pot gets very large it is expected that your opponent has the higher side of the straight.

Next, great poker players say that unconnected cards of medium and low level are normally to fold as soon as possible. To put it blankly, Tom Dwan thinks that offsuit unconnected cards are garbage.

Gus Hansen has often been quoted and has written that you should raise when you have a two-way draw after the flop. This is how you will win the big pots. Also another tip from Gus is to be aggressive with an ace or two high over-cards after a blank flop, when all the flop has is unconnected rainbow cards of medium or low value. Note that Gus Hansen
is known to be a very aggressive player. When a player raises at such garbage flop, it’s better to fold as it usually means he has a strong hand like a set.

Full Tilt pros suggest learning to dare to catch bluffs. Observe to understand if your opponents customarily make bluffs to force you to fold based on your predictability. Catching bluffs is part of poker and if you never attempt that, this is a leak in your game. Similarly you should sometimes bluff otherwise you are too predictable.

Try to be as unpredictable as you can, this is one of the hardest skill to master but it will add money to your bankroll. Top bracelet holders like Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson have said that you should analyze your opponents to determine if your opponents can be easily forced to fold with no effort, or if they bluff themselves a lot.

Because you will spend a lot with the poker software if you love playing online poker, so it is better to choose a poker room that fits your personality the best. Among the leading poker rooms are pokerstars, full tilt poker and partypoker.

These three poker rooms are the ones with the most traffic and promotions. They are leading brands and can be trusted for their highest security and reputation. Have fun.